The Institute of Parallel Science
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Our Research Team

Jens Marsling Bäckvall

When participating in Jens’ research, you will be taken across the boarder between our world and a parallel one, so as to experience, first hand, exactly what is going on, right here and right now, in another universe.

Mette Guldborg Hansen

Often collaborating with Jens, Mette focuses on the same kind of work.

Additionally, she is an expert in closing unwanted gaps between universes, an important tool in preventing multidimensional schizofrenia.

Diana Knudsen

What is on the other side of the void, and how can you relate to it in your everyday life? Both in and out of (day)dreams.

This is what you will experience with Diana.

Karl Sørensen

When acknowledging the fact that there are an endless number of universes in our multiverse, we must also acknowledge that there are boundaries between them.What are these boundaries and how do they effect our minds?

Katrine Kjølby Larsen

When entering a state that enables us to start to understand the vastness of reality, we must callibrate our body.

Katrine works with the basic kinesthetic responses within your body, helping you learn to control them.

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